Compton today… doesn’t look that bad now

Rosecrans Avenue, the infamous main traffic street of Compton, seems to have come a long way from its high homicide rate that peaked in 1994. Now, in 2014, the City of Compton has hosted a website for quite a while in an attempt to redraw the image of the city of Compton.

Piru Bloods and South Side Crips, the two infamous gangs that are most noted for the brutal violence that spanned through the early nineties, came about after the fallout of the “crack epidemic” that plagued the mid-1980′s. Drugs, violence, prostitution, retribution killings, drive-by shootings and public executions to mark turf – these were all problems that Compton was known for. Drugs

A Compton search reveals this nice stash of drugs and stolen weapons found in a parolee's house. The second bag has 56 individually wrapped baggies of weed. 28x2=56

A Compton search reveals this nice stash of drugs and stolen weapons found in a parolee’s house. The second bag has 56 individually wrapped baggies of weed. 28×2=56

are everywhere nowadays, but probation doesn’t seem to stop them in Compton (as it doesn’t seem to stop use in most cases).

N.W.A. was the first to admit that they were coming straight outta compton, but many followed the five-man group. Other rappers came out of Compton, too, but N.W.A. is pretty much the face of Compton if you ask an outsider. But what about today? What happened to the violence and bloodshed?

The violent gang lifestyle and drug dealing has not stopped by any means – however, it is not nearly as bad as it was before. It seems as though a majority of the “true OG’s” are incarcerated or dead, by any reasonable thought of what happens to people who kill. But now, Compton’s got a changing face (not Two-Face, Batman)

Compton is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It is home to almost 100,000 citizens. Known as the “Hub City” because of its unique position in almost the exact geographical center of Los Angeles County, Compton is strategically located along the Alameda Corridor, a passageway of 25 percent of all U.S. waterborne international trade. Compton is rapidly emerging as a large industrial center in Los Angeles County for transit and distribution, business services, high technology, home and lifestyle products, metals, financial services, and textile manufacturing.


Now, we don’t live in a perfect world. In fact, I think that over 20 some years, law enforcement probably has done the area much good. Just a couple months ago, a gang sweep got even more gang members incarcerated. But one problem that is outstanding, that makes Compton a true place for Gangsters, aside from dealing illegal drugs is the real illegal black market: milk.


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What is the road

So when I come to these roads, I ask myself “Why hasn’t anyone gone between these paths?” Humanity is obsessed with these paths we have laid and set for social standard. Rarely does someone go outside the lines, rarely does someone take the paths made by scuffling feet over the ones set in stone. Maybe that’s what causes our problems.
If we are given two choices, we are expected to make one of two, never one of many. Give a stereotype and people will fulfill it because of social expectancies. Create more roads. Create more paths. Create more decisions. Look for ways to combat the cons and highlight the pros. Nothing is black and white, everything (including black and white) is a shade of gray. You choose what colors to add.

The future of building creation: 3D concrete printers

Well, it seems as though the day’s finally come where we can have people not labor too hard to create a beautiful concrete home without leaving their yard once they have the materials. Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California developed a 3D printer (if you don’t know what these are, please go look at what they can do) which, instead of plastic, carves concrete. Just take a read here.

A colon and a D makes a :D (haha…)


This video came to mind as I couldn’t remember the title a couple weeks ago when I tried to show this to Kevin. I found it a couple years ago, if I remember correctly, on Reddit. If you’ve never seen “going to the store” you are missing out on the best two minutes of your life. Just watch, enjoy, and you will understand.

If you have enjoyed that, there’s a second one…


Down to bread and water

I’m pretty sure that nothing I say will ever be in a history book, but after wrecking a car again I thought about how much we rely upon material goods to bolster ourselves and our self esteem. I see that this capitalist world is nothing but money, money, money.

The thing that keeps our money so important is the fact that there are standards for what we must own – for example, an automobile. To get to and from in this world, walking seems to be out of the window except for in the cities. I live in rural area, and I know as a fact, that without a car, you’re pretty much fucked. If you don’t have one, you sit. You sit in your house. You stay there. You aren’t, as far as I can see, part of society outside of your home.

But what goes with a car? Money. We pay money for that car. We pay money for every repair, whether we bust our hands working on it on our own, with help, or paying someone else to do it. But when everything’s okay, to use your car, you need gas. You need oil. You need transmission fluid. You need power steering fluid. You need air in the tires, and half the time, air isn’t free.

What happens when we enter our car and turn it on? We’re bombarded with radio ads. Thousands and thousands of dollars going through our ear every so many seconds, but we get nothing for listening to it. Only those who broadcast get the money.

Well, aside from cars, one should remember that cable television was invented as a solution to a radio broadcasted television station that got its money from ads. Now, we (almost all of us) have cable and pay for it. Of course, we get more television shows and channels… but we still pay for premium channels, we still pay for HBO, and we still pay for the electricity our television is using on top of our monthly cable bill. Now, every channel has anywhere from 25-60% viewtime in ads (depending on what channel you’re watching).

The whole point I write this with these immediate examples is this: if we pay so much, if we pay SO much, and we lose what we’re paying for – aren’t we down to bread and water? These “advanced” solutions and fragments of genius cost money, but if we never had these things… would we want them, knowing what they are, what they were supposed to be, and what they are now and have changed into?

It’s a yes or no question. This world spends money uniformly on what it feels is a standard. But these things aren’t standards, they’re capitalist suggestions and things to make life easier and more enjoyable by taking our hard earned money and saying “here ya go”.

I’m not saying these things are wrong, but look at it from the perspective of a man without these things. If I could be happy without my material things, my mood altering medication, and so many other unnecessary greed-driven desires, I feel as though I would be complete. The problem is that I see these things create dents in happiness and social standing, when they are unnecessary and entirely creations of people and our desire to be one step ahead of where we were before. With or without these things, I wonder if we’re better off.

I am the movie

Think of life as a first person movie. It doesn’t matter if you play your part of not, cause the camera is always rolling. The only thing you can choose to do is act. There is no director to please but yourself. It’s your life, your story, your movie. You select your actors. You choose if the scene will be a scene of love, or adolescent naivety. Make this movie a blockbuster.